Guest Post: Pot of Gold At the End Of The Rainbow!

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Pot of Gold At the End Of The Rainbow

There is no doubt kids love to create masterpieces to be adored by their parents! Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to let your little one’s imagination soar. You can help them begin this imagination journey by explaining that lucky little leprechauns often find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Talk about the colors that are in a rainbow. Have a large piece of white finger paint paper and a variety of paints ready. You can use a paper plate as a paint pallet. Have plenty of paper towels or baby wipes nearby and don’t forget the smock!

Your child can begin this masterpiece by painting a rainbow using just their finger prints or by dragging their finger tip across the page to form a semi circle. The rainbow can be as big or small as your child would like. Remind him to wash the paint off his finger before touching another color. If your child doesn’t like messy fingers he could use q-tips or a small piece of sponge attached to a clothes pin instead. When the rainbow is finished provide your child with cotton balls and glue. Ask him what the cotton balls make him think of (if needed give a hint but I bet he’ll guess right away). Give him a glue bottle and let him create clouds. Just when your child thinks he has a finished picture ask what leprechauns find at the end of the rainbow. Now your child can paint a pot of gold to the end of the rainbow.

When the painting is dry, hang it up for everyone in the family to enjoy. Not only have you given your child a fun activity to do, but he will feel special that his painting is hanging for the whole family to admire!

Robin Greene is a Kindergarten teacher and enjoys freelance writing for during her spare time. You will find sweet baby clothes, baby tutus and adorable baby headbands for any occasion.


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