Family-friendly PS4 Games for kids

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Family-friendly PS4 Games for kids


For moms across America, owning a games console can make you ask yourself many questions about the suitability of consoles for your kids and how long they should spend playing games each day. But the biggest question I’ve had to answer since I got my PlayStation4 was which games are suitable for young children to play?

The good news is that there are many, many games that children can play safely on the latest Playstation. FIFA14 for PS4 is among my favorites, and while there are lots of games out there marketed to young children, I find that what you see with this game is what you get, and that is: soccer. I love playing soccer on-screen with my daughter, and I love watching her play it with her friends when they come over for a play date. It’s cute to see them learning about another sport, and most importantly, sportsmanship. It’s a very family-friendly game, and there is no bad language or violence in the game, so it’s one of my favorites.

Another game that I really like is Lego Marvel; which consists of Lego characters acting like characters from the Marvel comics – think Lego Star Wars, just with comic book characters and you’re on the right track. I love seeing the kids play these games as they’re brightly coloured, have great graphics (the Rainbow Bridge in the game looks better than it does in the Thor movies) and they allow children to problem solve and use their initiative by collecting gold coins and buying items that they need. It’s also got a few little hidden scenes and lots of humour, so it’s a good-natured game to play and watch that the whole family can enjoy.

The great thing about both Lego Marvel and FIFA14 for PS4 is that they can be adapted to suit the player, so they can be made to be more difficult to play as time goes on, just by simply adjusting the difficulty settings, which makes your dollar stretch that little bit further!


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