Best Love Stories In Books That Were Made Into Great Movies

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If you love romantic stories, but you don’t have a lot of time to read it in a book – there are some ways how to still get to know all the characters and love affairs. It is movie adaptations that will let you experience almost the same amount of emotions as reading a book. But to get the best out of it, you need to know which movies are really worth watching. 

Bellow, you will find some of the best love stories what once were a book and now it is a great movie too. Enjoy it and have a great time while following the best love stories ever made on the big screen or book afterward!

The Notebook

You probably have seen this movie before, since it is very loved by many romantic souls around the globe. But you can also hit the book of it and relive it once again. For people who haven’t seen it yet, it is a story about two young lovers who face many difficulties in their lifetime journey to be together. This ultimate chick flick is based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name and is definitely worth both reading and watching. Just get a nice pack of tissues, because girl – you are really going to need some of it!

A Walk to Remember

Another great book adaptation that is also going to need a lot of tissues around is A Walk to Remember. I don’t really want to spoil the movie by telling too much of the details, but it is a love story for sure and it include a modest good girl and bad boy. So it is pretty romantic, but the end will drop the tear bomb for sure. So gather your girlfriends and definitely give this movie (and after that a book if you wish) a try.

One Day

A story about two young people will definitely catch your inner romantic too. Adapted from David Nicholls’s novel of the same name this movie sometimes is called more lovable than a book itself. But you can try both and tell your opinion of that. Anyway, this is a love story with a little bit sad end, but it is still worth your time and attention. So give it a try in whether form you wish. Enjoy!

Pride and Prejudice

If you love a little bit of classic and love to imagine your mister Darcy coming soon then this book and its movie adaptation is worth to try as well. Book is great without any doubt, and the movie also amazes with its’ cinematography and outstanding England’s landscapes. So if you want something easy to read and something really beautiful to watch – Pride and Prejudice is the right stuff to choose!

Gone with the Wind

Get lost in the wind too and travel to Civil war times in the epic book and epic movie too. Based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel of the same name, this award-winning epic historical romantic story is worth watching again and again without any doubt. You will definitely fall in love with Scarlet O’Hara and follow her life’s journey for many years. With all highs and lows, you will clearly want to read the book after the movie, and watch the movie after reading the book. So get to it!

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